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CoffeeLabs are and look special

Coffee With the dog. Its name is Argus, from the Greek “Argos”, as Odysseus’s dog was called. Argos had all the characteristics of a dog, loyal and devoted, and these are all you need to know about the Coffee Lab logo.

CoffeeLab is ...

Coffee Lab started its journey from Chalkida in 2009 and is the first street coffee chain that fully implements the concept of 3rd wave coffee. In 2012 the Coffee Lab company was established in its current form and in 2015 the development of the franchise network began.

Monitor coffee from cultivation following its principles (direct trade), enhancing sustainable cultivation and fair working conditions (Sustainability). Thus, we ensure full traceability and know all the special taste characteristics of each crop.

At Coffee Lab we use exclusively Q coffee and you are the first Franchise chain, which offers exclusively single origin coffee varieties from Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya and Ethiopia.

She serves you her coffee every moment,
every time, in every store!

Each Coffee Lab store is a real laboratory where the established procedures for the excellent preparation of each coffee are meticulously followed. And even more, in each store you take care to discover the special taste preferences of everyone. Suggest, explain and always find the perfect composition. Today, you can enjoy a coffee “just the way you want it” every day in more than 170 stores both in Greece and in the international markets, England, Germany, Egypt, Cyprus, Bulgaria and soon the USA.

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Coffee Lab is the most dynamic coffee chain. It is the main exponent of the 3rd wave of coffee. We are constantly growing and we want new partners for our stores.

We want Baristi and distributors in our company.

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