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CoffeeLab Cafes are unique… and they show it!

The coffee brand with man’s best friend the dog, as it’s trademark. His name is Argus from the Greek name «Αργος», which was the name of the pet dog of Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s epic poem, the Odyssey. Argus has all the typical characteristics of a dog. Loyal, dedicated, committed, selfless and a companion for life. These are all the qualities that the CoffeeLab brand stands for.

CoffeeLab was established in Chalkida, Greece in 2009 and is the first street café chain that fully applies the 3rd wave coffee concept. Quality became the foundation of CoffeeLab’s success, which in no time attracted a following of loyal customers. Today, CoffeeLab has more than 100 stores in total, in Greece and overseas.

Stelios Roumeliotis, founder and CEO of CoffeeLab, created a quality control process for every stage of the production in order to guarantee top quality raw materials.

Our coffee is cultivated in accordance with the principles of direct trade, which reinforces sustainable cultivation and fair working conditions for farmers (sustainability). By doing so, we not only ensure full traceability and top-quality coffee, but we also get to know the taste characteristics of each crop. In our state-of-the-art proprietary production facilities, the roasting process happens in a scientific way with strictly defined procedures and constant quality checks.

At CoffeeLab we exclusively use Q grade coffee and we are the only coffee chain that solely offers single origin coffee varieties from Kenya, Brasil, Ethiopia and Guatemala. These coffees have an easily decipherable flavour due to their origin, their processing and their particular roasting method. They amount to only 10% of the international coffee production and they cannot be compared to ordinary commercial coffee. Our baristi receive the highest level of coffee training at our specialised training facility. Furthermore, at CoffeeLab, we have excellent knowledge of how to adapt our production methods so as to highlight the unique taste characteristics of each coffee variety.

We are coffee masters; we are mood makers.

We serve you coffee for every moment, every time at any of our stores.

Thus, the happy end of your coffee story is in the first sip you take.

Make my coffee, make my day

“My coffee is the story of coffee, starting from its cultivation until it finally makes its way to the cup, as I was taught and as I discovered it myself. As happens in any creative process, everything that took place, took place so that each and every one of you can step into a CoffeeLab store and say “My coffee”, so that you can enjoy your coffee exactly as you want it, according to your own personal taste and mood.

I learnt everything that I could possibly be taught and then I discovered coffee, starting from the beginning. I travelled to Kenya, Brasil, Ethiopia and Guatemala and discovered their coffees and their people. I made friendships and collaborations, understood the essence of coffee and smelt the aromas of the magical bean that exists inside this red fruit. Upon my return, with the help of science, I was able to apply everything that I had been taught about the cultivation and production of coffee and create specific processes for all the stages of coffee roasting.

In this way, we put 3rd wave coffee into practice in its most authentic form and succeeded in changing Greece’s rigid coffee habits that have existed for many decades now. All this was accomplished by having control of the entire process, applying the principles of DIRECT TRADE, establishing full traceability, sustainability, fusing tradition with science and above all by having a non-negotiable insistence on quality.

This is what all of us that follow CoffeeLab’s philosophy do, every day. We make coffee; coffee that changes your mood, coffee exactly as you want it.

The only thing that we at CoffeeLab ask from you, our customers, is to never settle for what you have until now, but to enjoy tasting and living each moment of everyday in which coffee plays a role; to offer yourselves the pleasure of knowing that things can turn out exactly as you want them too.

CoffeeLab’s coffee is not just a habit. It’s the habit of enjoying exactly what you want without having to compromise. Because, after all, coffee is there to bring colour to your day.”

Stelios Roumeliotis, founder of COFFEELAB

coffee-beans Coffeelab

CoffeeLabs are…

CoffeeLabs are the first street café chain that fully applies the 3rd wave coffee concept.

Our coffee has the right colour, aroma and flavour.

At CoffeeLab we exclusively use Q grade coffee in accordance with direct trade, full traceability and sustainability.

We are the only street café chain that solely offers single origin varieties of coffee from Kenya, Brasil, Ethiopia and Guatemala.

We are coffee masters; we are mood makers. Our coffee changes your mood. We have built a relationship with these farmers, a relationship that is not only a business one, but a friendship and a family bond. We are constantly informed about how the crops are progressing and we ensure that the initial process follows the correct course.

The main raw material is processed, packaged and shipped exactly as it should be, following all the right precautions and measures.

Our proprietary facilities utilise the advanced technology available and succeed in helping make the coffee roasting ritual into a completely controlled process.

Constant quality checks, coffee tasting and measuring gives us the ease of producing raw materials of excellent standard and most importantly, we get to know its particularities.

We adapt our coffee production parameters in order to ensure that the final product has the most perfect flavour.

We utilise all the different taste characteristics of each variety of coffee, so that we can bring out its body and individual aftertastes.

We are a network of stores that are similar but not 100% identical. Each CoffeeLab store is an actual workshop, in which all the standard procedures, to produce each cup of coffee, are followed with extreme care.

Depending on the hour of the day, your mood and your programme, your coffee is a sensory symphony perfectly designed just for you.

We serve you “your coffee, just as you like it”, every time, at any CoffeeLab store. Even more so, we care to know what your individual taste preferences are. We then can suggest, explain and find the ideal taste profile just for you.

The happy end of your coffee story is in the first sip that you take.

However, the quest for coffee and the next wave does not stop here. Expect everything from CoffeeLab.

Καριέρα στα Coffee Lab

Έλα στην παρέα μας

Η Coffee Lab, είναι η πιο δυναμική αλυσίδα καφέ. Είναι ο κύριος εκφραστής του 3ου κύματος καφέ Αναπτυσόμαστε συνεχώς και θέλουμε νέους συνεργάτες για τα καταστήματά μας.

Θέλουμε στην παρέα μας Baristi και διανομείς.

Συμπλήρωσε την φόρμα και θα επικοινωνήσουμε μαζί σου!

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