Coffee Lab Farms – Chapter 1: Ethiopia

We became passionate, we loved, we were inspired. We traveled for your trip and created Coffee Lab Farms.

A journey into the magical world of taste, a journey that reveals everything you do not see while drinking your morning coffee or enjoying the afternoon in the warmth of Argus.

Coffee Lab Farms are the answer to all the questions that arise when they ask us: “What variety of coffee suits your mood?”

The answer is with everyone!

Because we have dealt with all of them on a personal level!

We have traveled to all the countries whose coffee is represented by our stores. We have visited the farms and we have actively participated in the sorting and processing of the coffee that we will offer you after studying and recording even the smallest detail of their innermost taste nature.

We have conducted tasting sessions of each crop that will be served with the utmost attention to detail and we have spent endless hours in our facilities to give the maximum degree of taste characteristics of each variety.

For us, coffee is not a commercial item! It is the longing for “go to work to create” and it comes out. We are mood makers!

We are a family of passionate people who work in groups for the taste and human development of coffee.

We support farmers with the method of fair trade, ie buying their raw material at a higher price to help their sustainability and production quality.

We have full traceability with physical presence and sorting on the farms and at the same time we warmly support the fair working conditions (sustainability).

All the above seem practical since we are ranked in the largest franchise chains in Greece and at the same time in southern Europe.

Coffee Lab Farms are our path to a better future for farmers and their crops.

If you do not make the lives of others better, you are wasting your time!

And so began our journey to the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia!

Representing our love for quality material and the people who manage it we found ourselves in the town of Seka in the Limu area where we met local farmers.

After they warmly welcomed us, we immediately started to offer our help to these invisible heroes of the daily life of coffee.

We supervised the construction of raised beds which are necessary for the drying of the coffee cherries after their harvest. These raised “beds” help to evenly distribute the air which is necessary for the highest quality result without defects and the presence of mold.

Despite the difficulties due to adverse weather conditions (alternating intense sunshine and heavy rainfall) we built beds 13 meters long and 2 meters wide for better and faster service to farmers.

The same afternoon we visited the local school where we attended the awarding of the best students and the inauguration of the new roof in the building.

We talked to them and listened to the problems they face and because we consider education and training to be one of the most important goods in a society, we pledged to return with the greatest help we can provide for their easier and better living.

The second day found us from dawn until late at night to complete our work with raised beds and then on the third day we continued with an educational character in collaboration with the farmers.

We talked to them and showed them how to improve their production from harvesting (choosing the right ripe coffee cherries) to sorting by immersion in water and removing the floaters, which are overripe and undeveloped cherries).

On the fourth day we were guided to neighboring farms where we continued our work. Be aware that most of the farmers have never tasted the coffee they produce!

So we continued to complete our work, organizing tasting so that they can have a taste of each crop they produce and in combination with the technical knowledge of sorting and separation to offer the best possible result.

We promise you the best coffee every day and we do it in the most difficult and at the same time so constructive way.

until next time,

Over and.. woof!


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