Coffee Lab Farms

COFFEELAB FARMS is an original idea,

a unique project that perfectly highlights the basic philosophy of 3rd wave coffee. And it is fully compatible with the principles of COFFEELAB which insists on DIRECT TRADE, SUSTAINABILITY, FULL TRACEABILITY. The result of this insistence of COFFEELAB is… to drink it in a glass.


Four times a year, four farms, four coffee producing countries, 5 selected baristas who travel with Stelios Roumeliotis to take care of the harvest, sorting and processing. And a coffee with a special taste, for you to enjoy, depending on your personal taste. Thus, local producers have the help and advice they need for COFFEELAB coffee. So COFFEELAB has another batch of raw material of exceptional quality, to serve you the coffee that suits your disposal.

When you are "in trouble", you find the right solution

Stelios Roumeliotis was found on a farm in Panama where the conditions of his processing and sorting product was well below Coffee Lab specifications. A little out of courtesy, a little for the experience, Stelios and his associates decided to help with the processing. The result was that everyone was surprised by the final product, which was much higher than their expectations, almost equal to that of the top growers in the area. Discussions with growers confirmed that what is missing is an optimistic approach, supplies and a stable framework of cooperation.

Do the best for yourself and others

COFFEELAB sends staff, who are passionate about coffee, to work with growers and help with their work. Gives the ingredients for better processing and improving the quality of coffee. Supports the continuous improvement of living conditions on the farm. Moreover, COFFEELAB is committed to absorbing all coffee production for the next 3 years, at a price that is fair to all. On the other hand, COFFEELAB acquires excellent coffee with particularly tasty characteristics to offer the coffee that suits your every moment.

The process is a wonderful adventure

This takes place four times a year in four coffee producing countries. People who have shown their passion for coffee and their love for ARGUS are selected with strict criteria through the COFFEELAB network. Stelio and the other members of the mission accompany the country of production. They live on the farm for five days and all work together as farmers. The program starts at 5 in the morning and ends at 10 in the evening. Includes Harvesting – Sorting – Processing until the afternoon – Various farm work until the evening. When the work at COFFEELAB FARMS is completed, we will return to Greece waiting for the coffee we made to come and serve it in our stores.

We have a lot to gain

Through the COFFEELAB FARMS program we discover people with a passion for coffee who want to share it in their daily activities in their stores. We offer the people of COFFEELAB experiences that will make them passionate and make them excellent ambassadors of the COFFEELAB philosophy and love of coffee. We communicate in the first person, speaking from personal experience, the work done by COFFEELAB and we explain why our product remains different and timeless.


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