Why Coffee Lab?

Coffee Lab emphasizes the development of the largest coffee franchise network in Greece, with more than 170 stores and presence already in Cyprus, Egypt, England, Germany, Bulgaria and soon in other countries of the world. The “proposal” of Coffee Lab franchise is very attractive, with all the competitive advantages, offering all the know-how, training and support it needs. We provide constant support, with no returns and percentages on turnover and advertising (NO marketing fees and royalties fees). And of course, every Coffee Lab franchise offers coffee of exceptional quality.

«Really good coffee is something very important, so when the consumer finds it, he does not change it. We have seen this in practice in our stores»

notes Mr. Roumeliotis, founder of Coffee Lab. At Coffee Lab we offer unique products like cold extraction filter coffee, to delicious beverages of real chocolate drinks. An open invitation to anyone interested in acquiring a Coffee Lab franchise is a business opportunity. We offer a strong brand name, organized operation support, top quality raw material, complete training package. The excellent franchise terms and the flexibility in the configuration of each cooperation, give the possibility for low initial investment and fast repayment rates. So, every next Coffee Lab franchise is another success story that is just waiting for someone to implement it.

Baristi Coffee Lab Training Program

Coffee Lab has a full equipped Training Center at its headquarters in Moschato, with the aim of fully educating the staff of each Coffee Lab franchise. The training procedures achieve the full training of baristas. Education is much more than memorizing an engineering process of making coffee. Coffee Lab has 4 single origin coffee varieties, different coffee processes, completely controlled roasting and needs coffee masters baristi that will highlight each time the special taste characteristics of each variety. Success, however, starts with the basic philosophy of Coffee Lab. The barista must be believer. To believe that it is worth enjoying your coffee, just the way you want it.

Coffee Lab Franchise Coffee Data

The development of the Coffee Lab coffee franchise network started in 2015 and attracted the interest of people with the mood to stand out in business. The excellent franchise terms and the flexibility in shaping each partnership, proved to be crucial to provide the opportunity for low initial investment and fast repayment rates. Having meticulously selected and prepared the coffee franchise development model, Coffee Lab offers a complete proposal with all the know-how, training and support needed. The development of the network continues dynamically and expands to the US market.

Finding the right store with the right area and needs assessment

Economic and technical studies

Study of spaces, architectural plans, decoration and construction of the shops according to the trends of the time

Delivery Turnkey

Initial franchisee and staff training

Arrival of the group before and during the opening of the store

Continuous training, advice and support on all questions that arise both during the opening and during the operation of the store

Marketing guidelines, promotion strategy, advertising and operating manuals

Complete range of products in beverages, food, snacks and retail products

ISO 22000: 2018 certification

The next Coffee Lab franchise deserves to be yours ...


45 sq.m. – 120 sq.m.

up to 15,000 Euro



10 years

4 persons

Under discussion. Depending on the special conditions
Desirable, not necessary
Desirable, not necessary

Coffee Franchise Interest Form


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