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Konstantinos and Fotis, two Greeks from the Diaspora, own Kalithea Farm in the Volcán area of ​​Chiriquí. In altitude 2,000 meters cultivate varieties such as Geisha, Pacamara and Caturra with very good results. The Geisha variety from Panama is one of the most expensive varieties on the coffee market due to its high cultivation and processing costs. As long as one knows that this variety has sold for up to $ 10,000 per kilo. The idea of ​​ Coffee Lab Farms was born in Kalithea Farm. We are happy and proud to present for the first time this special variety of coffee, which will surely star in the coming years. At Coffee Lab we present the Geisha variety from this farm, which comes from working directly with them in three different treatments and the result you will enjoy in the cup is unique. The Natural treatment will enchant you with the taste of ripe red fruits. The Honey treatment will leave the floral aroma of jasmine and the sweetness of molasses. While the Washed treatment will complete your taste experience with the clean and long aftertaste it leaves in your mouth, as if you were enjoying a glass of sparkling wine.
FARM Kalithea
AREA Volcán, Chiriquí
PROCESS Natural, Honey, Washed
ALTITUDE 1800-2200 m.a.s.l.
TASTE PROFILE Balanced coffee with character and body, aroma of wine, sweetness of molasses and long aftertaste of red fruits.

Get the unique variety for your home from the coffee grinder.

Coffee grain
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