My name is Argus! I’m not just a Company logo


My name is Argus!

I took my name from Odysseus’ dog Argos. I, too like Argos, have all those characteristics that make dogs unique.

I’m not just a company logo.

I am a creation of a unity of words, love, perseverance and passion for detail.

I first existed as an idea, in 2009, when Mr Roumeliotis envisioned me.

I’m everything my physical presence stands for.

I’m loyal. I’m ambitious. I have boundless and selfless love for all those who have cared for me throughout the years for me to grow and be able to offer more.

Now, after 11 years, I’m here to repay the love you showed me. I like to travel, and I have therefore established more than 100 houses in Greece and abroad.

I call them CoffeeLab!

Whichever of them you decide to visit, I want you to know that you will receive the best reward.

A reward as human and as warm as I have received for all these years.

I know very well the importance of smiling especially at the start of your day, so I make sure I can offer you this by offering the best and of highest quality coffee.

My name is Argus!

I’m not just a company logo.

I’m an assortment of people who every day offer coffee of unique origin. Freshly roasted and chosen directly from farms around the world. I want to provide the best possible service, and this is why I take care to constantly train the baristi that will make your coffee.

To be able to offer you a perfect cup of coffee accompanied by great customer service is my daily need to feel fulfilled.

My name is Argus! What’s yours?

Let’s get to know each other!


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