João Batista Montanari e Outros(as)


Farm facts

Name: Sao Paulo
Municipality: Patrocinio / Minas Gerais
Average altitude: 935 meters
Average temperature: 23 ºC

About your grower

Cupping characteristics

Cup score: 74.25

The Montanari family, an immigrant family from Italy, has been in the coffee cultivation business for 4 consecutive generations.

For 30 years, Joao Batista Montanari has been in the Cerrado Mineiro region.

Coffee is the family’s main occupation. His children are responsible for improvements in the coffee processing, but their main concern is the constant search for better quality.

In 2015, their farm was the winner in the “Competitiveness Award” competition, which proves that both himself and the whole family have focused on producing specialty coffee, using sustainable methods and modern management.

His son, Marcelo Montanari, explains to us: “I am a 4th generation producer and a lot has changed since my great-grandfather was in charge. In the past years we were only interested in production. Today we focus on the consumer and their needs. This prompted me to focus on both the quality of the coffee and its viability.”

Production characteristics

Bags: 320
Variety of coffee: ACAIÁ
Processing method: Natural
Altitude: 935 meters
Crop: 2018/2019
Storage facility: Expocaccer Cooperativa dos Cafeicultores do Cerrado

About the Cerrado Meriano area

Name of origin


The Cerrado Mineiro region is universally recognised for its unique origin high quality coffee in Brasil which is located northwest of Minas Gerais State.

Well-defined seasons (hot and wet summers and a mild dry winter) is a strong characteristic of the area. The coffee plantations are cultivated in areas with an altitude of 800m to 1300m which results in high quality coffee with a unique identity.

The coffees are of unique origin with guaranteed quality from the area Cerrado Mineiro – D.O. Regulatory board.

Our own official production process

The production process of our unique origin coffees emphasizes and evaluates the characteristics of our terroir. Only coffee that is grown within the official demarcative area and that follows the production process rules of the regulatory board, may have the Cerrado Mineiro-D. O seal of guaranteed origin and quality.

The production on agricultural land must be located within the demarcated area of the unique origin coffee

Minimum altitude 800m up to 1300m.

Arabica is the official kind

Minimum quality 80pts based on SCAA methodology

The use of proper practices and respect of Brasilian law

Batches of coffee should only be stored at recognised associations

Only the official coffee bags (packaging) must be used. They are identifiable by the seal of guaranteed origin and quality.

**terroir= In theory, terroir is an umbrella term that combines all the different factors that influence wine: the impact of the climate, soil, topography, humidity, rainfall, sunshine, soil chemicals but also human intervention on the cultivation of grapes, when this is done in a traditional way which is respectful of the ecosystem.

Origin and Quality reports

OIC Code: 002/1495/1018
City of destination: Piraeus, Greece
Place of sealing: Armazéns Gerais Leste de Minas Ltda
Lot code: 7898328781578922244


Origin and Quality Certificate

Guaranteed Origin and Quality

Cerrado Mineiro Region D.O.


Quality Report

Physical and Sensory

Coffee Report