Our company fully understands your concern in relation to your personal data. We have been making a series of changes in recent time, reflecting the increased requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (known as the “GDPR”) of the EU. Our goal is to be as honest and transparent as possible about the personal data we collect and how we process it.

I. What personal data we collect and for what purposes.

Our company collects and processes personal data in order to provide its products and services, as well as to be able to fulfil the obligations it undertakes against its (prospective) customers and suppliers.

Specifically, through this website, personal data are collected and processed for the following purposes:


On our website we collect data through the specially configured field of communication. Specifically, in cases where you wish to contact us for any reason, we will collect your name, telephone number, the subject you are contacting us about, as well as any personal data you wish to include in your message.

Personal data may be collected in the context of an exchange of communication, either by phone using the number posted on our website, or by email to our email address posted on our site.


If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, we will collect your name and email address.

Social Plugins

Social Plugins are used on our website.

Through these plugins, our company can access only publicly disclosed information on their respective social media platforms. The operation of the plugins is governed by the terms of the privacy policy of the respective platform.

Franchise interest form

In case you wish to express interest in joining the CoffeeLab franchise network, you can fill in the form that you will find on our website.
In this case we will collect your full name, email, contact number, the area in which you are interested to operate in, as well as any information you choose to include in the comments box.


Our company offers the ability of searching for the closest store near you.
In order to achieve, we use location data – your location data.

Blog commentary

On our blog section there is a commentary option.
If you choose to comment on any of our posts, we will collect your name, email and your website (if you choose to disclose it).


If you wish to join our team, you can send us your CV via the specially designed form that you will find on our website. The personal data we will collect are your name, your contact number, the position you are interested in and location you are interested in working at and any other personal information you have chosen to include in your CV.

II. Legal bases for processing

Our company collects and processes personal data only in the case of at least one of the following conditions:

  • Performance of contract: the processing is necessary for the appropriate process of the contracts formed by our company or for the adoption of measures at the pre-contractual stage. For example, our company collects and processes your personal data to provide you with its products and services, in order to be able to adequately respond to any enquiry through the Communication channels (contact form, telephone number, email), to consider concluding a contract of employment, etc.
  • Legal obligation: processing is necessary in order to comply with obligations established by law, for example tax legislation.
  • Legitimate interests of the data controller or of third parties, provided that these interests do not prevail those of the data subject. The collection and processing are necessary for the pursuit of legitimate interests, which in turn result in the proper operation of our company, in ensuring the good reputation of our company and in founding, exercising and supporting legal claims.
  • Vital interests: processing is necessary in order to protect a person’s life or to safeguard other vital interests.
  • Consent: if required by law or when any of the above legal bases are not applied, our company lawfully processes the data with your consent, which is obtained under the specific conditions provided by the GDPR. For example, we obtain your consent to collect data through cookies, as well as to send you our newsletter, to activate Geolocation services and to keep your CV for a period of time which exceeds the date the position that you expressed interest in was filled.

III. How long we retain your personal data for.

We retain your personal data for as long as is required, which depends on the purpose for which it was collected, unless otherwise specified by law.

Specifically, CVs of prospective employees are kept until the position of interest has been filled. The CVs of the non-selected candidates are kept for three (3) months. In case you wish for us to keep your CV for longer, you can send us via email your consent regarding the specific matter.

Since the retention of your data does not satisfy a clearly defined and legitimate purpose, we proceed to the safe deletion and/or destruction of your personal data based on the “Privacy Policy” of our company.

IV. To whom we disclose and/or forward your personal data.

Our company discloses your personal data:

a)   To authorised employees;
b)   To bodies entrusted with the task of carrying out specific tasks such as, but not limited to, lawyers, providers of IT products and/or IT services and/or all kinds of IT and electronic systems and networks support; administrative support companies, marketing companies.
c)   To third parties that undertake to provide you with services on our behalf, such as, but not limited to, reservation management companies, transport companies, travel agencies.
d)   Supervisory, independent, judicial, prosecution, public and/or other authorities or bodies or parties entrusted with the control/monitoring of the Company’s activities within the framework of their responsibilities.

V. Your Rights

The General Data Protection Regulation provides a range of rights and options that we are committed to satisfy. So, you can ask us:

  • To inform you about the data we keep about you and how we process it. If you wish, we will provide you with a copy at no charge. (Right of Access)
  • To correct inaccuracies or mistakes, fill defects, or update your data (Rectification Right)
  • Delete data if we don’t retain it for a specific, legitimate and stated purpose. (Right of Erasure)
  • Suspend processing a) whilst questioning the accuracy of the data, b) if you deem the processing unlawful (but you do not wish to delete it), c)when the data is not necessary for the purpose of the processing and d) for as long as it is questionable whether the reasons for which we are processing your data outweigh the ones you invoke, to permanently discontinue this processing.
  • To object at any time for reasons that concern you in the processing of personal data, that we carry out, especially for direct marketing purposes or for profiling. The objection may specifically concern your compliance with a decision which we have received by automated means. In the latter case, you may require us to allow you to intervene. (Right to Object – automated individual decision making).
  • To provide you with your data in a specific type of format (usually machine-readable) or to transfer it directly to another supervisor of your choice, if this is technically feasible and always in accordance with the Law. (Right of portability).
  • To stop processing your data, allowing you to freely revoke the consent you have given us.

You can direct your requests to management (email address for exercising rights in link form for instant messaging).

Our company will satisfy all your requests within one (1) month. In extremely rare cases, in which the satisfaction of your rights is almost impossible for us to do, we will promptly inform you explaining the reasons for this.

If you consider that the current legal framework for the protection of your personal data is being violated, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority (

Contact information

We remain at your disposal for questions and clarifications. Contact us.

Email: info (@) coffeelab (.) gr
Telephone number: +30 216 80 04 940
Version 1.0, Published on 29/03/2019. VII. Validity date – Amendments