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The next day for coffee

Up until today the commercial element of coffee has brought us closer to the term “single origin coffee”.

We tried from a different coffee tasting perspective the individual and unique characteristics that vary depending on the country of origin.

As of today, though, we will get to know something innovative. Something that has happened for the first time in our country, Greece.

We will get to know the different processing methods of coffee.

For a limited amount of time, CoffeeLab offers its customers the experience of flavour diversity that can be achieved depending on what processing method the coffee has undergone.

Let’s meet Colombia El Poema Limited edition!

A coffee process using the following methods: Natural, Honey and Washed.

One coffee. Three completely different taste profiles. Which one do you prefer?


Natural Process: Strawberry, almond, stone fruits, caramel, cherry


Honey Process: Caramel, chocolate, honey


Washed Process: Peach, passion fruit, citrus fruits, lemon & lime

In the context of this innovative movement a presentation took place during which CoffeeLab’s founder and CEO, Stelios Roumeliotis, presented to franchisees and showbiz figures the taste diversity that a coffee can have depending on its method of processing.


For the purpose of this presentation, a set was designed to resemble El Poema farm which allowed Mr Roumeliotis to show how the coffee made its way from the farm all the way to a CoffeeLab store.

With him was popular actor and presenter Thanasis Viskadourakis who gave his own…. salsa rhythm to the evening.


The guests were given collectible Panama hats as gifts which were hand painted by Vasilis Michopoulos.

Have you picked your favourite processing method of the amazing Colombia Limited edition coffee yet?


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